Lee Jin Ki

onew flowerLee Jin Ki as known as Onew SHINee is one of my favorite artists. He is a leader of SHINee (Korean boyband) who has a baby face with great appearance, brilliant brain,  and also awesome personality. So, he has many fans around the world especially me. I’m big fans of him. XD 

Onew has a great appearance especially because of his baby face. He even looks younger than his real age. He has beautiful hair which the original colour is black. His eyebrow is thick while his eyes is small. His nice lips is quite thick and his nose is pointed. His oval face becomes so cute and adorable when he is smiling because he will show us his funny bunny teeth. He has big adam’s apple that makes him manly too. Although he is a man, his skin is fair and soft. So,one of his nicknames is dubu (tofu) because his skin is like a tofu, soft and white. His height is in average, about 177 cm. He is not fat, but not thin. In addition, his voice is amazing and really melodious.


Onew with many cute expressions XD

onew pre debut

before debuting as SHINee’s member

This guy is smart. He is great at studying. I’ve heard he wanted to  be a scientist several years ago. As fas as I know, he was from high school which concern on IT. Onew got second rank in his school. In addition, Korean netizens include him in the list of idols with high IQ. It shows that he is so brilliant.

As a leader, Onew has awesome personality because he should take responsibility of many things. He take cares of his juniors in the group as much as he can. When one of the juniors was in senior high school, he often helped to bring his books or made a breakfast for his juniors. He also bring vitamins or medicines for his juniors if they are going to abroad. Since first time he wants to be a singer, he works hard to make it comes true. He is a hard worker, so now he can make his dream become real.

SHINee for SEEK magazine

SHINee for SEEK magazine

Although he is succes and popular, he keeps respect another people especially older people (seniors). He greets to everyone and keeps smiling even when he feels upset. Onew is popular as a humble and friendly person. He is hard to get angry, but once he get angry it will be very awkward because Onew will keep quite, silent, and we can’t see his beautiful smile in his face. Futhermore, Onew likes to joke but sometimes he doesn’t funny. He likes to eat chicken very much. People think that he is chicken maniac. He will prefer to choose chicken rather than children because he is afraid to children.


Onew is an amazing artist who not only has good looking appearance, great brain, but also has amazing heart. I’ll keep support him as a faithful fans.


SHINee with their new album’s CDs


Mwalhaedo Onew Sangtae!
*whatever Onew sangtae XD


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