Wonderful Trip to Magelang

ImageI had a wonderful trip to Magelang with my friends last year. On Saturday, 28th April, three of my friends and I went to our friend’s house in Magelang. We went to Magelang by riding motorcycle.  Five of us were very enjoyed Borobudur temple in the first day of our trip. In the second day, we were surprised by many unique things we got in Ketepass, and we also made unforgettable trip to Kayang waterfall.We started our trip in the afternoon after we took some rest. We went to Borobudur temple at about 3.00 pm by motorcycle and took a half hour to got there. We bought some tickets for us and entered the temple. There are a lot of tourists that we found. We took many pictures of ourselves. Fortunately we met a family of foreigner there and we took a picture with them. We enjoyed many things in the Borobudur temple. We finished our trip that day by drinking young coconut ice in a restaurant. The unique thing hapened, when we were going to drink the ice, the waitress unintentionally fell down one of the beverage to the floor. It made the table and the floor became wet. After that, we went to home as soon as we could at the night.

The second day, we went to a place which had a beautiful scenery in the morning. Ketepass was a highlands to view scenery of  beautiful nature in Magelang. The way to got this place is quite difficult because there were many ascent and curve. All of us felt nervous and a bit affraid because we’re unusual with that kind of hard track, but we can arrived safely. Eventhough that day was cloudy, but we had no regret to come there because we could see beautiful scenery of highlands. We took many pictures, enjoyed the fresh air of highlands, and there was an unexpected event too. One of my friend lost her motorcycle’s key and it succesfully made us panic. All of us looked for the key around that place. Fortunately, one of parking place’s worker found the key. Then we went to eat some very spicy roasted corn.  My lips turned so red and it made my friends laugh at me.

After took a rest for a while, we rode our motorcycle to Kayang waterfall. It took a lot of our energy to reach Kayang waterfall. Besides we used motorcycle, we walked about 30 minutes. The distance is quite far,and it completey made us tired, but we were joyful and mesmerized when we were looking the beautiful nature in front of us. Many people visit this  place too and it made this place quite crowded. We spent our time there. We were taking picture while playing around. The pictures were great and we were satisfied. Before we went to our friend’s house, we ate some delicious meatballs.

That trip was very joyful for me. It was very exciting trip because I can go to many places with my lovely friends.

me, my friends, and foreigners (big bro and little sist)

me, my friends, and foreigners (big bro and little sist)

Miss that moment so much…


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