Unique Adventure in Malioboro

I got a unique experience with my friends in January 5th , 2013. For finishing my assignment that was given by Miss Darsih, five of my friends and I went to Malioboro. We planned to search foreigner there and ask them to have a little interview with us. It was a bit hard in the beginning, but finally we got it was very interesting.

Initially, we went to Maliboro at about 11.00 am. Three of my friends didn’t bring any helmet, so it took a moment for postponement because we were trying to borrow some helmets. We got traffic jam on the way to Malioboro because that was weekend, so the road was crowded by many people and vehicles. Two of our friends were left so far behind us. I called my friends some times, but they didn’t answer or text us. It made us a bit worried, wether they lost or worse, a bad thing happened?. We were waiting quite long while keep looking at the street. What a relief, they arrived safely. We decided to have lunch in Malioboro Mall before we start our adventure. There were some foreigner we found, but we didn’t have much interest to them because we were hungry.

After that, I gave a suggestion to look for foreigner in tourism street (I forgot the name). We walked along the street which had many hotels/motels. Unfortunately, we just got tired.

Next, we moved to another corner of Malioboro. One of our friends suggested Mirota Batik Shop, and we agreed it. We found some foreigners there, so we devided ourselves into two groups. I was in one group with Maril and Adiba. First, we met two girls who had arabian face. Unexpectedly, they understood English and Indonesian, but they can’t stand for recording. A moment later, we found a couple who was choosing clothes. The clothes had design of Wayang’s characters, and I was curious because the male foreigner knew some names of Wayang. We started our interview with asking them wether they agreed or disagreed if we used the recorder. Cheerfully, they didn’t mind for using recorder, so we prepared the interview. When we wanted to borrow camera from other group, they dissapeared. We were separated, so we used my handphone to record it. I and Maril took the interview section, and Adiba recorded our interview. The interview went out well. They are a couple from different countries. The boy came from India and the girl was from Belarus. We asked why they went to Indonesia, what kind of traditional foods they had ever tasted and what they thought about Inonesian people. I also aksed to the boy why he knew about Wayang. Then, I got that he is a Buddhis. In the end of our interview, we thanked to them and planned to take picture with them. But, we got the fact that Adiba forgot to turn on the recorder. It meant that we had to record again?. Oh, What a day!.

Then, we met with other group in front of Ramayana. They also couldn’t make any interview yet. We decided to pray before we continued it. Unintentionally, when Maril went to the washroom, she met a friendly foreigner. We went to meet them as soon as we finished our pray. We started our interview and the other group helped us to record it. That two foreigners are friends. They came from Brazil. One girl who had confidence and attractive expression was Barbara. Her friend who was a bit shy was Lohana. Barbara was very talkative and expressive, but Lohana kept silent because she couldn’t understand english. Lohana had married with Indonesian guy, so she had being stayed here for 2 years. For Barbara, that was second time she came here. She had been in Indonesia for one week. She loved Indonesian people because they were kind and friendly. Besides, she felt disturb when they were asking too much about her. She had visited Jakarta, Salatiga, Semarang, and Jogja. She said that Jakarta was very hot, and she disliked it. I totally agreed with her. We asked about traditional foods that she ever tried. Barbara said that she ever tasted fried noodle, fried rice, fish, satay, meatball (bakso). She wanted to go around Indonesia. Beside that, she wanted to learn about Indonesian languange and culture too. In the end of our interview with Barbara and Lohana, we took picture together and Barbara. We said thanks and goodbye to them. Barbara kept waving to us while rode the escalator and it was so funny.

my team with Debora and Lohana

my team with (attractive) Debora and (pretty) Lohana

After got a break for a while, we looked for another foreigner. We had to help another group that had helped us. We found two female foreigners in the Hero shop, so we asked them. Both of them were friend and they came from London. One of them were so tall, and another female was looked like Asian people. They were beautiful. Maril helped to record the interview. I and Adiba just stood and listen it. Last, we took picture together and didn’t forget to say thanks and goodbye.

my friends team with pretty foreigners *i don't know their names

my friends team with pretty foreigners *i don’t know their names

Finally, we went back to our boarding house, but before it we went to Gramedia and Shopping to looked for some books. That was a very tiring day, but I enjoyed and felt thankful for it. Eventhough there were some troubles, it was nice to be there with my friends.


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