Contrasting Indonesian Educational System With Other Countries

2012-11-06 12.09.53

Most of people agree that education system in Indonesia has lower quality than several developed countries.

Since long time, Indonesia has less qualification system of  teachers, but China has a system to divided teachers based on  their quality. An uniqueness that we can found in China’s education system is students have chance to evaluate the quality of their teachers by objectivity and freedom. We can’t found that similar thing in Indonesia. In addition, the welfare of teachers in China is far better than in Indonesia. Teachers in China is more respected, because they get more salary  than in Indonesian and they are given welfare subsidy 10 percents from main salary.

Next,we can look at differences between education system of Indonesia and education system of Singapore. While Indonesia  determine pass based on result of national examination as a standard, government of Singapore doesn’t do the same way because they think that every people have same opportunity to continue their education. National examination isn’t only one way to evaluate capability of students, because national examination give too much pressure for students so most of them become frustated and can’t do the exam maximumly. In the other hand, national examination also increase number of deceit because many students who afraid of  their failure in national examination are cheating. Another differences aspect is about obligatory education in Indonesia.

Unlike Indonesia, developed countries such as United States of America, Japan, and South Korea make obligatory education from elementary until junior high school without cost or free. Even if there are poor students, government of Japan will give them extra cost for lunch, school, picnic, school’s necessaries, health treatment and another necessaries. Furthermore, the purpose of education system in Indonesia is too much giving attention on quantity, contrast with Japan’s system that more concentrate with quality of their students.

Hopefully Indonesian people can make an advance by realize their deficit and will get a better education system.


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