SHINee’s Onew Controversial Issues


Recently, I read many articles about SHINee’s Onew who get controversial issues. I got really really shocked and sad 😥

First is about his middle-finger incident that was caught by camera during radio broadcast on March 18. I believe that some people do as same like Onew, but they’re not caught by camera and be complained. So, why about him? why he is such the only-one who get bullied. He and his agency (SM entertainment) have already apologized, and make sure that he didn’t do it in purpose. He was just joking with other members. Furthermore, his agency said that Onew is very apologetic and he will be careful on his actions in the future. It feels a bit unfair for me. Probably, Onew was just unlucky when the situation and condition weren’t supported him.

Second, his hat which is written ‘welcome motherf*cker’. He wore this hat when he was going to Thailand to attend MBC Korean Music Wave in Bangkok. Netizen captured this when SHINee was departing in Incheon Airport. People were complaining that this was not proper, impolite, or whatever. But, I can’t get it. It is okay when they said that the ‘mother f*cker’ is impolite, that is not our culture to use this kind of sensitive word. However, how about the other artists had worn this similar clothes? It seems that Onew had done really wrong. If we look at western people, that was really nothing. Even, they incuded such words in their raps and songs.

Third, Onew’s dating issue. SHINee’s Onew and After School’s Jung Ah had caught by paparazzi driving and having dinner together. There is other source said that they’ve been together for a year. Yeah, I know many hearts of MVPs will broken when they’re knowing this. Me too T.T (if this is for real). But, Wait! the fact is they’re not dating!. Pledis Entertainment have already confirmed it. Many people know that they’re good friends such as senior and junior, sunbae and hoobae. (although I get jealous with Jung Ah :p) I think it is normal to hang out together with your friends, right?. In a case, if they are really dating, I don’t mind it. Hey! Onew is adult. He needs to have his own life, having a good wife and happy family in the future. Artist is human too 🙂

Last, Onew under suspicion for smoking. Onew was caught holding a thing (look like a pen) that estimated as electronic cigarette. I don’t know whether its true or not. Electronic cigarette is a new thing for me cause it is not popular in my country. Some people said that it was e – cigarette, but others informed it was a kind of mouth refresher. His agency doesn’t give any confirmation yet. Some were blaming him, some were supporting him. I really worry about him. His innocent image may erased by this issue.

All of incidents happened recently. Just less than a month he was hated by many people. Honestly, I will really dissapointed if he was smoking, but I want to keep support him. I can’t leave him. I won’t leave just because of these all. In the end, I just think that he is mature enough to make any decisions of his own life. As a fans, we can’t really feel what he feels during this past 5 years, but we can -at least understand his feeling. Be faithful fans for SHAWOL and MVPs !
A long journey still have to be faced in the future :’)


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